Micol Cornali


Born in Italy in 1999, Micol Cornali resides and operates in Barcelona, Spain. Demonstrating a keen interest in art from a young age, she pursued her artistic education at an art high school, where she had the opportunity to explore various techniques. Having earned two degrees from the Barcelona Academy of Art in 19th-century figurative sculpture and classical painting, Micol Cornali boasts an impressive resume adorned with accolades and exhibitions across Europe and beyond.

Initiating her artistic journey, Micol Cornali delved into classical figurative sculpture, captivated by the graceful naturalness and dynamic qualities of the human form. This fascination served as the cornerstone for her artistic trajectory, centered on the exploration of intrinsic classic beauty within humanity. A significant transformation occurred as she purposefully incorporated natural elements, such as real flowers and plants, introducing a tactile dimension and symbolizing a commitment to renewal.

The intentional selection of materials underscores Micol Cornali’s dedication to addressing contemporary environmental concerns, infusing her projects with a distinct and sustainable dimension. Through this conscientious approach, she aims to contribute to the discourse on responsible artistic practices, promoting a harmonious coexistence between artistic expression and ecological considerations. She perceives her art as a celebration of life and renewal. Currently, Micol Cornali is focused on her own work, while she holds the role of teacher specializing in Écorché and Figurative Sculpture at the Barcelona Academy of Art and serves as the Art Director of Phoenix, an Art Foundation in Italy.

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