Project's info

  • Call: CREA-CULT-2022-COOP managed by the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA)
  • Duration: 36 months
  • Start Date: 1st of February 2022
  • Total Budget: € 1.426.786,00
  • EU Contribution: €  998.750,12
  • Partners: 7
  • Involved Countries: Italy, Malta, Greece, Spain, Albania
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Project's pillars

Cooperation Framework

It provides a holistic and cross-sectoral model based on a participatory approach to actively involve artists, creative and cultural professionals in the co-creation of physical and digital works of art to disseminate and promote environmental culture as a transversal factor of sustainable development.

Training and capacity building

It provides tools and solutions to improve the skills and capabilities of the selected artists. A training program will be designed focusing on 3 relevant topics: 1) “Ocean Threats”, what are the most urgent and relevant risks to the ocean and the marine ecosystem; 2) “Sustainability”, how to adopt environment friendly practices for creative processes; 3) “digital technologies”, how to combine creativity and digital media to produce innovative artworks. Furthermore, a distributed residency program will take place on three small Mediterranean Islands (Ustica in Italy, Alonissos in Greece, and Gozo in Malta) and specific mentoring sessions will be provided during the artwork creation process.

Exhibitions Production & Sustainability

It includes actions dedicated to demonstrating the proposed cooperation framework by involving the selected artists in the creation of their physical and digital artworks. Local exhibitions will be organized on the three islands and a fully virtual exhibition will be displayed on the Virtual Exhibition Platform containing all the artworks created during the residencies.

Expected Results

Participatory Cooperation model

A knowledge-based and technology-enabled network in which motivated and selected actors work together to co-create resourceful ideas and solutions.

Open Call

An open call to select 24 international artists that will be engaged in a co-creation project addressed to spread ocean literacy and inspire a more environmentally friendly behaviour.

24 International Artists

24 international artists will participate to a training and mentoring program and will take part in a residency program on the project’s islands (8 artists on each island), before creating their artworks.

Training and Mentoring Program

A training and mentoring program run by marine scientists, digital experts, and creative professionals, will enable the selected artists to improve their skills on Ocean Literacy, digital technologies and innovative and sustainable methods applied to the creative process.

Residency Program on 3 islands

A 7 days residency program will take place on each of the 3 Mediterranean islands of the project (Ustica, Alonissos and Gozo), where the beautiful natural environments, the ancient maritime traditions and the direct relationships with locals will inspire the artists.

24 Artworks

24 Artworks focused on raising public awareness of Ocean Degradation and Climate Change, will be created by the artists after the residency program. 12 artworks will be born digital and 12 will be physical.

Art Exhibitions

The physical artworks will be integrated with the marine, natural and architectural landscapes of the islands, thus creating an open-air and underwater museum that could characterize the three islands as lighthouses of the Ocean Conservation.

Virtual Exhibition Platform

The physical artworks will be digitized and showcased in a virtual exhibition for the web and the metaverse with the born digital artworks. The virtual exhibition will be at first housed in the three islands and in the Vision Multimedia Center in Vlora.

Final Grand Event in Ustica

To conclude the ART4SEA project, the old part of the Ustica island will be enlivened by various performances staged with the participation of the local community.

The Islands

Ustica, Alonissos and Gozo will be the inspiration and the first destination of the ART4SEA project. A 7 days residency program will take place on these three small islands in the Mediterranean basin, where the beautiful natural environments, ancient maritime traditions and direct relationships with locals will inspire the artists in their own creativity.

The physical artworks will be then integrated with the marine, natural and architectural landscapes of the islands, thus creating an open-air and underwater museum that could characterize Ustica, Alonissos and Gozo as lighthouses of the Ocean Conservation.







ART4SEA consortium

A strength of the project is the very diverse partnership. The ART4SEA consortium is made of 7 high-profile European cross-sectoral partners carefully selected for their acknowledged excellence to provide the necessary knowledge, expertise, and state-of-the-art background required to ensure the success of the project as well as the sustainability of the proposed approach and expected results. All the partners share the common interest and a consolidated experience about the sea environment with different and complementary perspectives.

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