Camilo Nuñez, known as ‘THEIC’, is a Uruguayan artist currently based in Lisbon, Portugal. Working as a professional artist since 2008, he explores diverse mediums, including painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, and textile design. Co-founding Colectivo Licuado in 2010 with fellow Uruguayan artist Florencia Durán, they specialize in large-scale figurative murals for public spaces, engaging in international projects and festivals over the last ten years.

In his solo work, Camilo centers the human figure, drawing inspiration from ancient Greek mythology and classical paintings and sculpture. His creations intricately weave color, light, and form, transforming the conventional portrait into a contemporary expression that resonates with modern visual language. Emphasizing his South American identity, Camilo asserts the freedom of artistic creation historically denied to artists like him in the Western art historical canon. This reframing of the artistic autonomy of the global South, which to a certain extent appropriates European art history without compressing its own position, forms an important narrative thread in his artistic output.

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