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Bringing together the languages ​​of contemporary performing arts, digital and urban art, with natural sciences and marine biology to foster Ocean Literacy in the Mediterranean area, a tool designed by UNESCO to promote the sustainable development of the sea and its resources. The “Art4Sea” project starts from Italy and involves the Mediterranean islands of Ustica (Sicily), Gozo (Malta) and Alonissos (Greece), funded by the CREATIVE EUROPE (CREA) Programme – Call CREA-CULT-2022- COOP, to activate a transnational and interdisciplinary cooperation model that will involve artists, creatives, digital experts, and marine researchers. The objective is to co-produce a system of artistic, physical, and digital products, aimed at raising public awareness of environmental issues, marine pollution and climate change and promoting the active participation of islands’ communities.

“ART4SEA” is led by 3D Research SRL (Italy) and involves numerous actors: iWORLD, World Association for the protection and enhancement of humanity’s identities (Italy); Sebastiano Tusa Foundation (Italy); Divers Alert Network Europe Foundation (Malta); Atlantis Consulting Sa (Greece); Agencia Estatal Consejo Superior De Investigaciones Cientificas (Spain); Municipality of Vlora (Albania).

The model adopted by the “Art4Sea” project is based on a combination of co-production, training, and tutoring activities in person and remotely, together with the development of ICT and digitalisation technologies. This co-creation approach is activated in the framework of the “Artists-in-Residence” program on the three small Mediterranean islands (Ustica, Alonissos and Gozo) and is aimed at creating physical and digital artworks and interactive immersive experiences to spread ocean literacy and inspire more environmentally friendly behaviours. The first step of the project is the call for artists for the selection of actors that will benefit from the training activities and implementation of the cultural and artistic actions: the open call in online until November 10th, 2023, and applications can be submitted by completing an online form. The call is aimed at 24 artists, 8 for each island, including 4 digital artists, 3 street artists and an artist for the creation of an underwater sculpture. Each artist involved in the residency will be part of the interactive creative processes with the local community, so that each work becomes the outcome of conscious co-creation by artists and territory, both trained in greater awareness and knowledge of the protection of the seas.

At the beginning of 2024, the 24 selected artists will be trained in ocean conservation, sustainable art practices and digital technologies. Afterwards they will be able to put sustainable practices into action in art and digital technologies, embracing the goal of inspiring a change in humanity’s relationship with the ocean and the seas through their artworks: the image of a productive sea to support sustainable food supplies and a sustainable ocean economy will result from the activities.

More details on the call for artists can be found here:

Why Ustica, Gozo and Alonissos?

The three Mediterranean islands are all sensitive to environmental issues related to the sea. The Isola di Ustica marine protected area is the first in Italy, the capital of activities aimed at exploring the abyss and the first underwater itinerary in Italy, created in the wonderful setting of the Marine Reserve near Torre dello Spalmatore. Gozo, which is not a Marine Protected Area yet, is the second largest island in the Maltese archipelago and it is famous for its beautiful and picturesque landscapes, formed by limestone deposits and characterized by hills, farms and open fields, with baroque churches overlooking the small villages. While Alonissos, in Greece, thanks to the Northern Sporades National Marine Park, is the largest marine protected area in Europe. It was the first island in the area to adopt a plastic-free policy and is now trying to adopt sustainable tourism models that respect the environment. Furthermore, numerous awareness campaigns and citizen science missions on marine pollution take place on the Greek island of Alonissos.

«Art4Sea launches an international call for artists that wants to communicate a message of sustainability, respect, and protection of the sea with contemporary languages ​​– says Lucio Tambuzzo, artistic director of the project. The selected artists will be part of a residency program in the chosen islands, they will meet other artists, island communities, and create their works following an authentic experience with the cultural and natural landscape. A multidisciplinary artistic project that also aims at creating bridges between the islands of the Mediterranean, which will be at the centre of policies for the protection of marine ecosystems».

p.o. Marta Occhipinti

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