ART4SEA team announces the 24 selected Artists

After thorough evaluation and careful consideration, the ART4SEA Consortium is delighted to present the artists who successfully passed the selection process!

The Call for Artists-in-Residence aimed at finding talented people who share our vision of raising awareness about the urgency of the conservation of oceans. 

During the meeting last December in Palermo, the selection was defined after intensive work of the Evaluation Committee of the project. 

So here are finally the 24 artists divided by Art Category:

Physical Art:

  • Ginevra Giovannoni, alias Rame13
  • Michal Trpàk, alias Mical
  • Eirik Audunson Skaar 
  • Riccardo Attanasio, alias Matlakas
  • Camilo Nuñez, alias THEIC
  • Riccardo Buonafede
  • Mariana Santos, alias Mariana Duarte Santos
  • Amanda Arruti, alias Amanda Arrou-tea
  • Silvia Gadda, alias Sil

     Underwater Art:

  • Micol Cornali
  • Giacomo Rizzo
  • Davide Galbiati, alias Davide

     Digital Art:

  • Tim Van Hooft, alias Timaeus
  • Ioulia Marouda
  • Leon Butler
  • Ada Johnsson
  • Sara Bonaventura
  • Anne Fehres
  • Samuel Hernandez De Luca, alias Sam
  • Luke Conroy
  • Simon Duflo
  • Natalia Wilk, alias Wilk Natala
  • Carlos Perez Izquierdo, alias Carlos Izquierdo
  • Annika Boll

Congratulations to each of these outstanding creative Artists who impressed the Evaluation Committee with their exceptional skills and dedication to the mission of our project.

All partners would like to express gratitude to everyone who participated in this exciting Call because the applications are of unquestionable interest and made the selection process challenging for our team.

Very soon, on 15th February, the training will start with a ‘plenary session’ during which the foundations of the collaboration will be laid, each artist will present themselves and the training mentors will do the same. 

The training, which will be provided via an E-Learning platform during the next three months, will be divided into three modules: Ocean Conservation and Climate Change,  Sustainable Practices in Art, and Digital Technologies.

The main objective of the training will be to provide fundamental knowledge on ocean characteristics, threats, and conservation efforts, focusing on the Mediterranean‘s role as a climate change hotspot and ongoing conservation strategies. The role of art in conveying key messages and contributing to conservation efforts will also be highlighted, and Artists will use digital technology as a means to reach the widest possible audience and influence environmentally conscious behavior and consumption patterns through their artwork.

Right after the training program, between May and September 2024, three Mediterranean islands (Alonissos in Greece, Gozo in Malta, and Ustica in Italy) will host a 7-days Artists-in-Residence program. On that occasion the real artistic process will begin with the conception phase related to the environments and the communities that the artists will have the opportunity to get to know. In fact, on each island, 8 artists (1 Underwater Sculptor, 3 Physical and 4 Digital Artists) will be inspired by the beautiful natural environments, the ancient maritime and rich maritime heritage, and close connections with local communities to create their digital or physical artworks.

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